This Preview Race Flyer will be updated as further details about the race are known, including a detailed race schedule.

RACE #2 – Lake Rebecca Trail  Sat/Sun  Sept. 7 and 8th, 2019

This course offers just about every type of terrain to make a racer smile.  Fast and flowing tracks through open prairie, tightly-woven single track through dense forests, and rolling hills! Throughout this4.3 mile course, a rider will get a healthy mix of fun and challenging terrain.

9831 Rebecca Park Trail (Highway 50)
Rockford, MN 55373

View the Lake Rebecca Website


Upon arrival to Lake Rebecca Park, there will be Park staff and directional signs guiding you to parking areas.  Check the maps below, or the interactive Google Map for marked parking areas.  Watch for Minnesota League signs and follow directions of parking staff

Most Important

  • Allow extra time for arrivals and parking!
  • Drop your riders and their gear in the drop zone then find a parking place.
  • As no trailers or RVs are allowed in the park, those with trailers or RVs should plan to park in the remote lots, and then shuttle in.

Saturday and Sunday

  • Drive into the Park and follow the direction of parking staff.
  • If you arrive early, you will most likely find parking available within the park,  Parking staff will direct you – follow their instructions.
  • If there is no parking in the park when you arrive, you can drop your rider and gear, and then proceed to overflow parking, available at the Delano High School (see the map and details below).
  • No trailers are allowed in the parking areas.


Lake Rebecca Lots   

Lake Rebecca Park – Parking

Working with Three Rivers Park District and the Delano High School, there are a number of designated parking areas for this weekend’s event.

  • Lot C is reserved for permit/pass parking and handicapped parking only.   An unattached car-size team trailer can use a pass, but no additional team vehicle will be allowed.
  • Lot D is an event parking area and can be used as a drop off point for riders and gear.
  • Lot E is an event parking area.
  • Lot F is reserved for emergency vehicles, staff, and overflow handicapped.

No trailers are allowed in the parking areas (exception: Read Lot C criteria above).

If there are spaces in the Lake Rebecca Lots,  a shuttle is being provided.  See below for details.

Point C is where the shuttle (see info on shuttle below) will drop off people and gear. We encourage you to utilize this area to drop off bikes and racers, then proceed to the Delano Campus to park. Walk along the trail to Point B, and you will have arrived at the infield.

Overflow Parking:  Shuttle from the Delano High School Campus Lots to Lake Rebecca

The shuttle is a great alternative to parking at Lake Rebecca – picking you up close to your vehicle, dropping you close to the infield, and running on a frequent schedule, often with a trailer to haul your stuff.

There are five available parking lots at the Delano High School Campus which are only 3 miles from the event.


Shuttle Details:
    • Shuttle Pickup in Delano is LOT A.
    • Buses run from 30 mins before pre ride till after the awards are done.
    • Bus shuttles will be running approximately every 15 minutes..
    • Every other bus will pull a trailer to haul gear to and from the trailhead.
    • Allow for loading/unloading of gear.   Allow extra time to ensure you get to your races with time to spare.
    • Shuttle service will end after awards.
    • As Lake Rebecca parking slots open up later in the day in Lake Rebecca Lot D or Lot E, plan to take the shuttle and move your car to one of those locations.

PARKING TIP: Carpool to the event!

Race Day Support will be available to provide last minute adjustments and repairs.

Flyers are not available at the race.  Print this page. The Best Print Layout? Portrait Style with narrow margins.

See which teams will be racing at each race.  Team Bye-Weeks Chart

Race Days include a Skills Challenge,  See the schedule below.  Read about it!

Race Changes

Any changes will be announced on the MN High School League Facebook Page

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Text MNMTBLEAGUE to 84483 to sign up.

Questions once you get to the race? Stop by our Race Day Information Kiosk for the latest on race day schedules, updates and results.  Located near the Registration Trailer.

FM SIMULCAST:  We live broadcast each race on FM Radio.

  • Bring a portable FM receiver to keep up with the racing action and hear announcements when you are out of range of the PA system.
  • Exact frequencies will be announced at each venue.



In order to race, each racer needs to be Race Ready in the Pit Zone.

  • Pit Zone information entered (once per season)
    • Release forms completed electronically in the Pit Zone
    • MN League Fee Paid
  • SuperPass purchased by Aug 15 or Individual Race Fee paid.


Each racer is expected to know their category and wave for their race.  This information will help them go to the correct staging location prior to their race.

Racers can ask their coaches or view the Wave Reference List available near the Registration Trailer on race day for this information.   If a racer misses their call-up to the staging area, they will have to stage at the back of their wave or at the back of the next wave.



Category Change Petitions:  Must be submitted by Midnight on the Monday before the next race.  The MN League will not accept Category Change Petitions during a race weekend. Petitions are no longer accepted after Race 3.

Coach on Duty :  The acting COD for your team is expected to be onsite at the venue and available without delay to be contacted by race officials from pre-ride, during the races and until the race results are finalized.  View the Current Roster.  Use the online update Form or Report Coach on Duty Updates to the Referee at the SHIMANO tent.


  • Set up your team tents in your pre-assigned tent space – (FB Coaches Page or a map near the reg trailer).
  • Report Last Minute Coach on Duty Updates for this race to the Referee at the Maxxis tent.
  • Race Day Saturday, 12:00 PM – Mandatory Coaches Meeting near Registration Trailer
  • Race Day Sunday, 8:30AM – Mandatory Coaches Meeting near Registration Trailer
  • Final lap count decision per category will be announced at the start of each race. Lap Count may change due to weather conditions.
  • Report riders who are not racing as “Did Not Start/DNS”  to the Referee at the SHIMANO Tent before or during their race.
  • Report riders who did not finish the race as “Did Not Finish/DNF” to the Referee at the SHIMANO Tent during or after the race.
  • Coaches have a short window to register a protest once the preliminary results of each race are posted.  Race results will be final once all protests are completed. No protests are accepted after the race day.


We need your help! Parents, spectators and racers. Help make the races happen. Review the list of available race day volunteer positions here.  Race positions are posted!  Online volunteer registration closes at 7PM the evening before a race.  To register on the day of a race, stop by the Volunteer tent by the Registration Trailer. 

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on

Be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter for race day and season updates.

Check out our MN League Race FAQs regarding race site, racer info, spectator info, and terminology

– Drones are prohibited at all Minnesota High School Cycling League Events
– No gasoline generators inside the team pit area,  and no open fires.
– No dogs off-leash.
– A Concession stand will be on site.
– Be considerate of our venue and use the trash receptacles.


  • Preliminary Race Results will be posted at the Race Information Kiosk near the Registration Trailer approximately 30 minutes after the last rider has completed the race. Once the announcement is made that results are posted, this is the start of a short Protest Period, where COACHES may contest the results with the MN League Referee.  No protests are accepted after the race day.
  • Race results will be final once all protests are completed.
  • Final Race Results will be posted to the MN League website (usually by end of day Tuesday following a race).

Note regarding Race Results from the online app: It’s your Race.
These are immediate timing results only.  Penalties and scoring rules may not be reflected. Data will change throughout the race. Internet status affects the availability and updates of data.

Download to your phone.

    • Download ITS YOUR RACE app
    • Find “Minnesota MTB”
    • Select a race category



Tuesday 9/3/19 at 11:59PM
Online registration in the Pit Zone closes.


  • The registration trailer will be open to process race fees and accept waiver submissions. All onsite registration includes a  $10 late fee.  See the Registration Schedule Below.
  • All racers must register at least one hour prior to their race start time.
  • Waivers with parental signature can be submitted.
  • Cash, Credit Cards or Checks made payable to “MN League” are accepted.

2019 Race Fees

MN League Registration Fee
– $100 Paid Once Online
– $110 Paid Once if paid Onsite (includes late fee)

MN Race Fee, Per Race
– $50 Paid Online by Midnight Tuesday prior to race
– $60 Paid Onsite (Includes $10 Late Fee)

Number Plates:

All registered racers receive a permanent number plate from their coach with a pre-installed chip on the back at the beginning of the season.  For those who were registered in the correct division and category before August 1, the rider’s name may be printed on their initial plate.

  • Each racer will use the same number plate for the entire season.
  • For each race, secure the number plate to the front handle bars of the bike for pre-ride and for the race.
  • Attach a matching number plate to the back of a rider’s jersey, just above the waist.
  • Remove and protect the number plates after each race, taking care not to damage the chip.   Do not leave the number plate on a car’s bike-rack.
  • Replacement number plates are available at Registration for $35 (you must allow 1 hr to replace a plate).
  • If you don’t receive a number plate from your coach, visit the Registration Trailer for assistance.

Questions on how to REGISTER for a RACE?

  • New Rider registration occurs online in the Pit Zone, rather than in person at the race. Once registration for the MN League is complete (Waivers, Emergency Contacts, Insurance Info, etc).
  • There is also fee for each race.  Register online in the Pit Zone before 11:59PM on the Tuesday of Race week, or Pay the race fee onsite at the registration trailer including a late fee.  Riders who bought the SuperPass before August 15, 2019, have already paid for all races.
  • To access Pitzone, every rider needs to be invited to register in the Pit Zone online.
    – Contact your Team Director or Head Coach to be invited.
    – Independent riders request an invite to Pitzone via email.


Pre-Ride is a chance to get an up-close view at the course before the race.  The rider can study the trail, the challenges, the opportunities.  This is not a sprint through the course.


  • Only riders who have registered and have race numbers displayed on their bikes.
  • Registered Coaches with Coach Plates (Provided by the Head Coach)
We recommend that all racers pre-ride the course.
Riders should pass any workers on the course with great care.



1 PM – Setup starts (course, infield, course marshals)
5 PM – Setup complete
Evening –Pitzone assignments are posted online

Saturday Non-Race Activities

9 AM –  2PM Registration is Open
9 AM – Pre-ride begins
12 PM – Mandatory Coaches Meeting
12:15 PM – Last Pre-ride rider is allowed on the course
1 PM – Pre-ride closes
1 PM – 4PM Framed Skills Challenge
4:45 PM – Awards

Saturday Racing – Middle School

–Girls 6th, 7th, 8th Grades (1 Lap)–
12:45 PM – 6th Grade Girls Staging
1:00 PM – 6th Grade Girls Start
1:05 PM – 7th Grade Girls Staging
1:20 PM – 7th Grade Girls Start
1:25 PM – 8th Grade Girls Staging
1:40 PM – 8th Grade Girls Start


–Boys 6th D1, 6th D2, 7th D1 (1 Lap)–
1:45 PM – 6th Grade D1 Boys Staging
2:00 PM – 6th Grade D1 Boys Start
2:05 PM – 6th Grade D2 Boys Staging
2:20 PM – 6th Grade D2 Boys Start
2:25 PM – 7th Grade D1 Boys Staging
2:40 PM – 7th Grade D1 Boys Start
–Boys 7th D2, 7th D1, 8th D2 (1 Lap)–
2:45 PM – 7th Grade D2 Boys Staging
3:00 PM – 7th Grade D2 Boys Start
3:05 PM – 7th Grade D1 Boys Staging
3:20 PM – 8th Grade D1 Boys Start
3:25 PM – 8th Grade D2 Boys Staging
3:40 PM – 8th Grade D2 Boys Start

Sunday – Non-Race Activities

7:00 AM – 3PM Registration is open
7:30 AM – Pre-ride opens
8:30 AM – Mandatory Coaches meeting
8:45 AM – Last Pre-ride rider is allowed on the course
9:30 AM – Pre-ride closes
9:30 AM – 3PM– Framed Skills Challenge
5:00 PM – Awards

Sunday Racing – High School

–Boys Freshman D1, D2 & JV2 D1, D2 (2 Laps)–         
9:15 AM – Freshman Boys D1 Staging
9:30 AM – Freshman Boys D1 Start
10:15 AM – Freshman Boys D2 Staging
10:30 AM – Freshman Boys D2
11:15 AM – JV2  Boys D1 Staging
11:30 AM – JV2 Boys D1 Start
12:15 PM– JV2  Boys D2 Staging
12:30 PM – JV2 Boys D2 Start
–Girls Varsity, JV3, JV2/Freshman Races–
1:15 PM – Girls Staging
1:30 PM – Girls Varsity Start (4 Laps)
1:33 PM – Girls JV3 Start (3 Laps)
1:36 PM – Girls JV2/Freshman Start (2 Laps)


–Boys Varsity, JV3 Races–
2:45 PM –  Varsity & JV3 Boys Staging
3:00 PM – Varsity Boys Start (4 Laps)
3:03 PM – JV3 Boys Start (3 Laps)