Staging is the lining up in a prescribed order of racers at the start line.  Staging begins 10-15 minutes before the race starts. Staging volunteers will assist in grouping and sequencing racers using the Callup list, in a marked staging area near the start line.  The group moves forward in order before the race starts.   Occasionally, the racers waiting may be interviewed by the announcer.

At staging, instructions may be given to the racers about the condition of the course, the expectations of the starting line, etc.

TMB_6754[1]Nice group

Wave Starts

When the number of racers in a race category exceeds 50 racers, the category (ie JV2 Boys) is divided into equal wave starts. This ensures that no more than 50 racers start at the same time.  If the race category includes 70 expected racers, the category would be divided into 2 waves of 35 racers.  Waves are usually started at 1 minute intervals.  The chip time based of the gun start of the wave will determine the finish placement, not the person who crosses the line first.

Each racer needs to know what wave they are racing in when they report to Staging, which is staged by Waves. Racing in the correct wave is required to log a correct time when a racer crosses the finish line.

The Race is started by the sound of a horn.

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