As we continue to monitor the situation with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we are taking steps to help protect the health and well-being of our student-athletes, coaches and families.

Race Day Frequently Asked Questions

Note: The following FAQs are specific to the 2020 time trial format in response to the COVID-19 protocols in effect. This page will be updated for 2021 as we determine how the season will proceed.

Look for the A-frame sign with QR Codes to scan with your smartphone to get instant answers online to common questions


Race Venue Questions

Who can be on the course?

Coaches with name badges, riders with number plates, and clearly identifiable race crew.

I’m a coach but I don’t have my name badge. Can I have an exception or replacement badge?

We are not able to hand out replacement badges on the day of the event. If you lose or forget your badge, you may not be on the course.

Is there a mechanic available to fix or check bikes?

No. There is no neutral support for racers this year. Racers should bring necessary tools to adjust their bike or make quick fixes to restore it to working order. We recommend each racer bring a spare tube, multi-tool and bike pump.

Where can I refill my water bottle?

There is no water available at the race venue. Riders should bring enough water for before, during and after the race.

Are there any concessions or food items (energy bars, gels) for sale?

There are no food sales at the race venue.

Where can I get a 2020 race t-shirt or other NICA merchandise?

There is no 2020 race t-shirt this year and no merchandise will be for sale at the venue.

Is there a medical tent at the venue?

Yes, there is full medical like every year including a medical tent by the finish line. There are also course marshals on course, rovers and sweeps. 

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Questions About Where to be and When

See your coach for your team’s schedule and exact directions.  BE ON TIME.  The schedule does not flex for late arrivals.

Where do student-athletes and go when they arrive to the venue?

When you arrive at the venue, the driver parks in the parking lot, and makes sure the rider has all expected items (race plate, medication, etc). Student-athletes meet their coaches in the team holding area.

The holding area 30 minutes is available to teams before the scheduled start times up until they leave. Student-athletes and coaches should stay in the holding area and should not congregate elsewhere. Remember to follow your team’s social distancing guidelines.

Where do non-racers go when they arrive to the venue?
All non-racers stay with the car in the parking lot during the stay at the venue.

Where do student-athletes go to warm up?
Meet your team in the team holding area. Coaches will have a plan for how your team will be doing warm ups this year. This may include trainers or riding around predetermined routes by the coaches. Remember that no pre-ride is allowed on the course during the race weekend. Once your warm up is complete, your team will wait again in their designated holding area until a race official escorts the team to the staging area.

Where do I go to line up for staging?

A league official will come over to the holding area when it’s time to stage for the race. Your coaches will work with the league official to direct the staging. Your coach will tell you where to be and direct your movements for race starts.

How will student-athletes line up for staging?

The following diagram illustrates the staging and start line area. Your coaches will line up their own student-athletes, in racing order, on the start grid. The order should be designed to reduce the likelihood of passing between riders. Additional riders should be lined up in an identical manner in additional start pens.

Where do student-athletes go after they complete the race?

After completing the race, student-athletes should report back to their coaches for instruction.  When told it’s time to go, riders return to their car and pack up to go.

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Sign up for text alerts

Race Day Schedule Delays/Updates

Where can I find out about rain delays or other race day schedule updates?

SIGNUP or VIEW race delays and holds using RAINED OUT. This year, there are new options for subscribing that allow you to opt in for ONLY races which you plan to attend. Please follow the directions below:


Mobile Opt In (subscribers send a text message with the keyword below to 84483)

  • Text 2020BROPHY to 84483 to receive 2020 BROPHY Race alerts
  • Text 2020REBECCA to 84483 to receive 2020 REBECCA Race alerts
  • Text 2020WHITETAIL1 to 84483 to receive 2020 WhiteTail 1 alerts
  • Text 2020GAMEHAVEN to 84483 to receive 2020 Gamehaven Race alerts
  • Text 2020WHITETAIL2 to 84483 to receive 2020 Whitetail 2 alerts
  • Text 2020BUCKHILL to 84483 to receive 2020 Buck Hill alerts
  • Text 2020MTKATO to 84483 to receive 2020 Mt Kato Race alerts
  • Text 2020ALLRACES to 84483 to receive 2020 ALL RACES alerts 
    Opt Out by texting STOP to 84483.


Visit the RainedOut website: and follow the directions on the site. See below for a screenshot that shows how to select races for which to subscribe.

example of RainedOut sign-up form

If the event is delayed or cancelled, can I get a refund?

Please refer to our weather and refund policy.

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Spectator Questions

Live Feed

Buck Hill race (Sunday) live feed link:

Race 6 : Buck Hill from MTBLive on Vimeo.

Where are spectators allowed to be?

Spectators are allowed to be in the parking lot area. We are hoping to have livestreaming of the race available to view on your wifi-enabled device in the parking lot area. Instructions for viewing the live stream will be posted on this page when they are available.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed in the parking area, on a leash.

Can spectators observe the race from other public areas of the park that don’t include the race course?

Todd Bauer of TMB Images is on site to take photographs of student-athletes.

NO. Please understand that efforts to circumvent the no spectators policy will jeopardize our entire season.  Our program structure this season is what allows us to have events, when so many organizations cannot. Not having spectators is what allows this to be possible. Please honor the intent of the request, so as to not penalize your team, the race season or the League in general.

Is there a photographer on site?

Todd Bauer of TMB Images will be at the venue taking photographs of the student-athletes. Proofs will be available after the race weekend here:

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COVID-19 Questions

Read the full Return to Racing Guidelines for complete COVID-19 information as it relates to races.

Make sure to do your pre-screening at home to check for signs and symptoms of COVID-19

Do I have to do a pre-screening on race day?

Yes. Student-athletes should complete the same signs and symptoms COVID-19 screening, including a temperature check, at home and report their results to their coaches before racing.

I’m in a high-risk category. Can I still race?

All student-athletes, coaches and support staff who are in a high-risk category or live at home with anyone who is in a high-risk category are encouraged to follow the guidance of health care providers and state and federal agencies in determining their level of participation in training sessions.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Student-athletes and coaches should have a mask available at the race venue to wear where signs indicate and where social distancing is not possible. Student-athletes DO NOT need to wear a mask while racing.

Besides a mask, is there anything else I’m required to have at races?

Student-athletes and coaches should come prepared with a mask and hand sanitizer. Disposable gloves are also recommended in case you need assistance or need to provide assistance with someone’s equipment.

What do I do if a student-athlete or coach reports symptoms before the event/before the individual joins the group?

  • Isolate that individual and send the person home
  • Communicate with the individual’s family
  • Notify your head coach and coaching staff
  • Notify the league director.
  • Make sure that the individual follows the required protocol before returning to any event or practice.

What do I do if a student-athlete or coach becomes symptomatic at the race venue?

  • Have all parties wear masks and maintain social distance.
  • Isolate the individual and notify the event safety director.
  • Communicate with the student-athlete’s or coach’s family.
  • Notify your head coach and coaching staff.
  • Notify the league director.

Make sure that the individual follows the required protocol before returning to practice or events.

Depending on the circumstances and level of contact between the student-athlete, coach, or support staff reporting symptoms, the rest of the group’s families may need to be notified. This decision is made in coordination with the league director.

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We miss our volunteers, but it’s just a reality this year.

Volunteer Questions

How can I volunteer at races?

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we will not be using volunteers at races.

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Race Plate Questions

I lost my plate, can I get a replacement?

To order a replacement number plate (lost or damaged plates only):

  1. Access online ordering via link or use QRCode Lost Plates sign at the race
  2. Click on ‘Replacement Plate’ to Order (Pay $25 with Credit Card)
  3. Enter Rider Full Name/ Team in Special Instructions. 
  4. You will be issued a new Rider Plate Number. Use that for all remaining races in the season.
  5. Pick up Your New Plate in a Plate Replacement bin outside the Registration Trailer at Race Venue (allow at least 20 minutes). 
  6. If the LOST PLATE is found, DO NOT BRING IT/USE IT at any future race.

The New Plate Number will replace the old plate number in the scoring system and on the Pitzone. 

I didn’t receive a back plate. What do I do?

There are no back plates this year, as riders are largely spread out on the course.

Do I receive a new plate for each race?

No, you should retain your plate to use at every venue this season. There is a $25 to replace your plate if you lose it.

I had to get a new plate at a race, and now I have two plates at home. Which plate do I use for the next race?

If the plate was replaced for any reason, continue with the new plate for the rest of the season.  (And leave ALL old plates At home!)

My race plate doesn’t indicate my level (ex. JV2, JV3, Varsity ). Is something wrong with my plate?

This year’s race plate numbers are very different from other years.  The numbers of all riders were assigned sequentially.  There is no mention of Race category on a plate, and the number doesn’t indicate the rider’s category.

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RESULTS / Timing and Scoring Questions

Where can I find real-time race updates?

ItsYourRace is the most straight-forward way to use the site for MN MTB Races:

  1. View in a web browser on your smartphone or desktop computer:
  2. Select a Race Day, Past Events/Results then RESULTS
  3. Select a Race Category from RACE dropdown—Racers Show in finish order complete with pictures.
  4. If you select TEAM at the bottom of the RACE dropdown—you will find all finishers for the selected team. However, remember there are no team scoring or team awards in 2020.

I’m having trouble seeing the results on! What can I do?

Some browsers are not showing results properly. Here’s the work-around:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the green button that says “Midwest”
  3. You’ll see a page with our logos and event listings. IMPORTANT: click on the green “race results” link, not the photo!
  4. Now you’ll be on a page where you can click any category to see the results.
  5. You’ll notice on the results page, you can click on any of the individual athlete’s results to see photos taken at the finish line!
  6. You can click on any of the photos to see it larger, scroll through the photos, and download (See the white download link on the photo window)!

ItsYourRace provides a snapshot of where student-athletes are a that moment and will be continually updated throughout the day as more racers participate. ItsYourRace results from Saturday and Sunday are unofficial until marked as FINAL and will be posted at each day.

Are the results combined over the two race days?

No. Awards will be issued for individuals in each category, by day (Saturday and Sunday have different awards), using the medal matrix in the 2020 Minnesota High School Cycling League Rulebook.

Are the results separated by divisions (D1, D2)?

There were be no division structure for awards (D1/D2) this year.

Who gets to wear the leader’s jersey?

There will not be leaders’ jerseys this year.

Are there team awards?

There will not be team scoring this year.

What do I do if someone’s time is not appearing on the results today? 

If you are a rider, speak with your coach. Emails on this topic are not accepted from riders. If you are a coach, email with the rider’s name, team, plate number and approximate start time

How do I submit DNS/DNF, Outside Assistance, DQ etc?

Notify your coach. Your coach will notify the League Director or relevant race official.

What do I do about a time that I think is wrong (based on actual data, not just “I thought they were faster”)? 

If you are a rider, speak with your coach. Emails on this topic are not accepted from riders.

If you are a coach, email with what you think is the correct answer, and why. 

What do I do if I have a question about an issue of fairness related to the start, a pass, or some sort of problem between racers on the same team? 

If it’s a teammate, have a conversation between racers with a coach first. If further assistance is needed to resolve an issue because it impacts the day’s results the coach will contact the Race Director. If it’s an educational issue or something where an opinion on the rules is helpful, but it doesn’t impact the day’s results, the coach will email the

What if I have a question about an issue of fairness between two different teams?

If it impacts the day’s results, the coach will contact the race director. 

When will student-athletes receive their individual medals?

Individual medals will be given to the team coach for distribution (time TBD)

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Social Media Questions

Where can I follow the races on social media?  

Look for updates on our Facebook page: or Instagram:

Is there a race day hashtag?

Yes! Share your race day experience and use the hashtag #MNLeagueRaceDay

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On-site Management Questions

Who do I talk to about questions of on-site race management or presence of spectators, parents or another similar problem? 

Talk to the onsite race director.

How do I contact others, for instance, course marshals?

  • For medical concerns only, call the MN League Emergency Number at (612) 524-7445. You will be given further instructions on the call.
  • Most questions will be directed to your coach for resolution.
  • For general inquiries and non-emergency questions, send an email to  Your inquiry will be viewed the next day.

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