How can I register/pay for a race? Once you are 'race ready' (all seasonal form are completed and accepted), you can use the Pit Zone to pay for all races, or pay one-at-a-time.  (Online Registration for races has limited availability due to race setup leadtimes - Closing on Tuesday, at midnight the week of the race.)

(Photo courtesy of Todd Bauer Images)If you have not paid online, you can pay at the MN League Registration Trailer at the race venue the day before the race or on the day of the race.  The walk-up registration hours are listed on the race flyer.

What is Race Ready? Once all forms are completed and accepted, a racer is "Race Ready".  Forms are available on Pit Zone. This information is all entered on the Pit Zone information for use during the racing season.

(Draft only - List being finalized)

  • NICA Registration Form
  • MN League Registration Form
  • Code of Conduct Form
  • Health Insurance Form
  • Media Release form
  • Emergency Contact Form
  • NICA League Fee paid
  • MN League Fee and Race Fee paid
  • Participation Waiver mailed, faxed or emailed (once per season)

Pit Zone

What is the Pit Zone? Racers use the Pit Zone Online registration system for

  • Signing up (NICA and team paperwork)
  • Paying Registration Fees
    • NICA fee
    • Team fee
    • Race Registration Fees (Online Registration closes Tuesdays at Midnight for that week's race to race setup leadtimes).  After Midnight, registrations must be completed in person at the race, and will be charged a late fee.
How do coaches use the Pit Zone?
Coaches use the Pit Zone to:

  • Create a team roster by adding each athlete using an email address of the student athlete and their parent's email address.
  • Create a coaches and ride leader roster by adding the coaches or ride leader’s email address.
  • Confirm student athletes have completed the registration forms, including paying fees and completing waivers.
  • Confirm student athletes “race ready” by paying race fees
  • Confirm coaches and ride leaders have completed licensing elements including:
    • Waiver
    • MTB101
    • Wilderness First Aid or equivalent
    • Field Work Hours
    • Continuing Education Hours
    • PDU units
  • View Emergency contact information for riders and coaches/ride leaders
How can I get into the Pit Zone? New racer?  Your coach will invite you to join.

Independent Racer?  Contact Josh Kleve who will invite you to join.

Are you a New coach for an existing team?  Your head coach will invite you to join.

Are you a New Head Coach for New Team?  Contact Josh Kleve who will invite you to join.

Racer Equipment

Professional cyclists don’t stress, they use a list every time. Make this list a part of your pre-race ritual.

  • League Number Plate (given at racer’s first race)
  • 3-4 zip-ties or twist ties so you can attach your number
  • Cash
  • Clean bike with a lubed chain
  • Spare tube and tube change kit (C02/pump, tire levers)
  • Multi-tool, including a chain tool
  • Water bottles (2-­‐3) or hydration pack o Energy snacks for before, during and after the race
  • ANSI approved helmet
  • Cycling shoes
  • Cycling gloves
  • Clean uniform with arm and leg warmers
  • Eyewear
  • Light weight jacket
  • Cycling socks (2) pair
  • Second set of cycling clothes for pre-­‐ride
  • Clean change of clothes for the ride home o Plastic garbage bag for muddy clothes
  • Identification and proof of registration
  • Towel
  • Winter coat
  • Post race clothing includes Hat, jacket