Watching and enjoying Minnesota High School League events

Our race courses are Middle and High school fields of play. Just as in football, baseball, lacrosse or any other school sport, spectators cannot be on the field of play while athletes are warming up or competing.

The volunteer marshals in orange vests are on course to ensure safety and are tasked to ask spectators to stay off the course. Many have shared their frustration regarding spectators refusing to cooperate at Past Races. We unfortunately have had incidences of racer/spectator collisions. This puts all involved at significant risk of injury, so we need your help!

Only registered racers with properly affixed number plates, course officials and coaches during designated pre-rides, are allowed on the course over the race weekend. No exception can be allowed per our agreement with NICA insurance. The times that spectator must stay off the course include all day Saturday and all day Sunday. With our new race day schedule, racers are on course virtually nonstop.

A quick overview of the rules regarding course access include:
• The course is taped in many areas. In non-taped areas, the course includes the single track plus 3 feet on both sides.
• You can cross the course where there is an opening in the tape and when permission is given by the volunteer crossing marshal. Going under the tape is not allowed at any time on Saturday or Sunday!
• Please do not walk, run or ride on course. Follow side paths or off course trails to gain access to viewing areas. Some remote areas of the course simply may not be accessible to spectators.
• When in remote areas, cross the course only prior to and upon completion of each race. It’s a silent sport and often racers and spectators lose track of each other (thanks buckthorn!) in the heat of the race. We have had several close calls.

Repeated issues can result in team penalties and no one wants to go that route.

Have fun and be safe at the races!
Tim Walsh
NICA Chief Referee