Nominate for Season-End Awards

2019 Coach of the Year John Oman of Shakopee. Photo by Todd Bauer, TMB Images

NOMINATIONS DUE BY OCT. 28 AT 11:59PM! Even though all of our coaches, volunteers and athletes are all outstanding, we’re asking the MN League community to nominate individuals for the following awards. Each of the awards below will be presented virtually at the end of the season.The characteristics of the nominee matters, not the number of nominations submitted. Incomplete nominations will not be considered.

Nominate for MN League Coach of the Year

The MN League Coach of the Year Award recognizes a head coach whose efforts and leadership have inspired their athletes, assistant coaches and parents to achieve their individual and team goals. This award is not about points or time, but about character and empathy within a coach; who drives their athletes to success on or off the bike.


Nominate for MN League Assistant Coach of the Year Award

This award recognizes an assistant coach whose dedication and support for the team has resulted in positive outcomes for their students, their team and their community. They are a reliable partner for their head coach; they lead by example on and off the bike.


Nominate for MN League Student Athletes with Heart Awards

The Athletes with Heart Awards will honor two student-athletes who have embraced and model the core values of the Minnesota High School Cycling League: building strong bodies, strong minds and strong character through cycling.

In this unique year, consider nominating a student-athlete that modeled positivity amid social distancing rules, or found a way to keep the team connected even when student-athletes were separated into pods.


Nominate for the Volunteer Power Award

The Volunteer Power Award recognizes an individual whose actions continually demonstrate commitment, enthusiasm and dedication to their team or the League. This person positively impacts the riders, their team or their community with their efforts for the team, at the races or for the MN League. In this year without volunteers at races, consider volunteers who take on roles to support the team. For example, those who go out and clear trails, take photos and post on social media, organize events for the team, help with fundraisers, write team newsletters and more.