Race Facilities and General Info

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Watch a race video from Mt Kato in 2015 - See it all first hand with music!

Parking areas are marked, with people directing you to available parking.
No Parking is permitted in the infield.
Consult the Race Flyer for more information.
Typical Race Schedule

To see the actual schedule for a given race - View the dated Race Flyer link found on the Racing Schedule.


  • 12:00PM Registration opens
  • 1:00PM to 4:00PM Pre‐ride
  • 4:00PM Registration closes


 Pre Race

  • 7:00AM Coaches claim Team spots in the infield
  • STAGING: Staging begins Exactly 15 Minutes before the start of each Race.
  • REGISTRATION: On-site registration will close 1 hour prior to race start.


Post Race

  • 4:00 Racing Ends/Tear Down
  • 4:30 Awards Ceremony


 Registration (Photo courtesy of Todd Bauer Images)

Look for the MN League trailer at the race site for payment of race fees, cash donations, and general race information.

Consult the Race Flyer for more information on available hours.

Or save time AND late fees, and register online in the Pit Zone by Tuesday before the Race

League Merchandise for sale
Look for the MN League trailer at the site to purchase selected League merchandise. Sales may not be open until early morning registration winds down.
Volunteer Signups
Look for a volunteer shade structure located near the MN League trailer to report for volunteer assignments, or on-the-spot volunteering.  You may also volunteer in advance through the Minnesota League website.
  • Volunteers will need to sign a waiver.
  • Any volunteers riding the course will be required to wear a helmet.
Lost and Found
Turn in any found items to Lost & Found at the MN League Trailer.  If you have lost an item, check to see if it has been turned in, and check again at your next race.  Missing Mobile Phones etc. are sometimes mentioned in announcements.
Look for a GRiT (Girls Riding Together)  shade structure near the MN League trailer.
Click the link to find out more about the GRiT Women’s Outreach Program for the MN League.
Team Spaces (Infield)
The coach reserves team space on a Infield Map TMB_7038on race morning, usually at 7AM, first come first served outside of the MN League Trailer.  The Area containing the team spaces is called the Infield.  The map is displayed for consultation during setup.
Dogs on a leash are permitted in the infield.  Owners are expected to maintain control of the dog at all times (including barking control) and to clean up after their pet.  Primary concerns are the safety of the racers, team support, and spectators.
Race Course
The race course is marked with TMB_7252[1]Heretemporary fencing and safety barriers.  Spectators are not allowed on the course, except at designated crossing areas.  There are designated spectator areas for viewing of the race.
A Medical tent is established in the area to treat racer injuries.  Ask a race official regarding it's location.
Starting Line TMB_0256 Feed ZoneTMB_7643
 Finish Line
TMB_3539[1] Finish
Speed Zone (Announcing)TMB_3438
Race Results
Race Results for the race category are posted near the MN League Trailer approximately 30 minutes after the last finisher has completed the race. There is a challenge period for coaches to dispute the results.  The Final Race Results are posted to this website usually by Monday after the race.
Awards Ceremony
The awards podium will be set up TMB_5870after the races near the MN League Trailer. While race and team results are being calculated, the course will be torn down by core staff and volunteers.  Then the awards ceremony will take place.
Portable bathrooms will be available at the race site.
Food Service
Hungry?  You can find one or more food trucks near the infield on race days.

Coffee Drinkers?  New in 2016 - a coffee vendor will be available near the infield on race dates.

Bike Sponsor/Repair
 Repair of racing bikes is usually available on site by one of our Bike Sponsors.
Weather Conditions
If the weather conditions dictate the delay or cancellation of a race, up-to-date information will be posted on the MN League Facebook site.   View the weather policy here.

[New to Racing?  What is a/an . . . . . . . ?

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What to bring to the races?
  • Appropriate Clothing for fall mornings/afternoons outdoors (hats, gloves, jackets, raingear)
  • Good walking shoes
  • Healthy beverages and snacks ( Lunch can usually be purchased on site)
  • Sun protection - sun screen, sun glasses, sun hat
  • Blanket/chair - something to sit on (remember the ground may be damp)
  • Bring a bike! Must wear helmet!  (Lots of places to ride at the venue, no one allowed on a bike unless wearing a helmet)
  • A Pet on a leash
Call Up Order Call Up order is the starting order of the racers is determined based on previous race finish order.  Someone who has not raced before will start after the participants who are on the call up list.

Crossing Zone A designated spot where spectators are allowed to cross the race course. Crossing Zones are marked. For the safety of the riders and the spectators, volunteers will assist spectators who wish to cross the course.
Equipment  The racer's coach may assist in assessing or acquiring appropriate equipment

  • a suitably-sized bike in good repair
  • a well-fitting helmet (required for anyone on a bike)
  •  eye protection  (strongly recommended)
  • gloves (recommended)
Etiquette This is mostly common sense!

  • Encourage all riders
  • Let the coaches coach, including talking to race officials
  • Show good sportsmanship
  • No bike tricks - "Wheels on the ground"
  • Stay off the race course (crossing zones are marked and volunteers help you cross safely)
  • Maintain control of small children (safety risk)
  • Maintain control of pets (safety risk)
  • Take all possessions with you when you leave the site, including garbage
  • Clean up after your pet
  • Questionable behavior can cause penalties for your team
Feedzone The Feed Zone is a location TMB_7643on the race course where nutrition and hydration are handed off to racers to keep the athletes safe and performing their best on the course.
Infield The Infield houses all the Mankato State Championship 2015team locations for team gatherings, bikes, and supplies.  No cars are allowed in the area.
Leader Jersey The winner of the previous race is the first person at the starting gate.  They wear a leader jersey instead of their team jersey.
Pit Zone The Pitzone is a NICA facility used by coaches and athletes to register with NICA, and to pay League and race fees.  A coach must invite athletes to use the Pitzone before they can log in.

Use of the Pitzone for payment of one or more race fees is open Monday and Tuesday for the next weekend's race.  After the Pitzone registration closes, registration is walk up at the race site and late penalties may apply.

Plate & Timing Chip Rider Plate:  Every racer has a numbered TMB_9778plate attached to the front of the bike, and a back plate on the back of the jersey.  The number is specific to race category and is assigned at the beginning of the season. The plate includes a timing chip, for electronic timing of a racer crossing the finish line.  The chip is registered to a particular rider & plate number. The same plate is used for the entire race season.

Temporary Plate:  When a plate is misplaced, a temporary plate may be issued at registration  for the pre-ride to allow the rider on the course.  A replacement plate will  be issued (fees apply) before the race with a new chip once the new chip is registered into the timing system.  Lead time on activating the chip on a new plate is a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the race.

Coach Plate:   A coach plate is issued to official coaches/assistants to allow them to pre-ride the course with their racers.  No rider without a plate is allowed on the course.

PreRide Racers and coaches are permitted to ride the race course prior to the race during designated times.  All riders must have a rider or coach race plate for the Pre-ride.  Pre-ride times are normally the day preceding the race, and early the morning of the race.    For PreRide schedule details, see the Race Flyer.

NO Unauthorized riders are allowed on the course.

Race Flyer The Race Flyer is a document that includes information for a specific race date and race course.  The race flyer includes the directions to the course, links to a race course map, parking information, the planned race schedule, etc.  The race flyer is located on the Race Schedule page, as a link on the race location & date.
Race Length Elapsed time and distance of races (ESTIMATES ONLY)  is usually as follows:

Middle School Fresh/Soph Boys Fresh/Soph Girls JV Girls JV Boys Varsity Girls Varsity Boys
n - nn min 40-90 min 40-90 min 40-90 min 60-100 min 60-100 min 90-120 min
x miles  x miles x miles x miles x miles x miles x miles
Ride Leader  A ride leader is a coach's certified assistant who does practice rides with race team members.
Race Ready The following must be completed the following in order to participate in a race:

  • Pit Zone information entered (Completed Forms, waivers, NICA/MN League Fees Paid)
  • MN League Fee and Race Fee paid
  • Participation Waiver mailed, faxed or emailed (once per season)
Rider Skills Isn't mountain biking just 'riding a bike?'  TMB_0087

The rider's coach teaches many mountain biking technical skills during the preseason.  Riders need to be proficient in technical skills in order to safely ride any challenging course.  The coach teaches bike/body/arms/feet position, and posture for

  • riding downhill
  • riding uphill
  • straightaway
  • turning
  • pacing
  • passing
  • different terrains
  • stopping
  • falling
  • final sprint
  • etc.
Staging A period before the race start TMB_6754[1]Nice groupwhere the participants line up at the starting line.  The race leader is first, with other participants following in Call up Order.
Scoring Penalty Individual Scoring and Team Scoring Points reflect finisher order.  However the scores are affected by penalties incurred during the race.  Penalties may include rule, course and conduct infractions by paticipants, coaches, or parents.  Consult the rule book for details.
Sweeper A sweeper is a designated rider who rides the course after the race to ensure all racers are off the course.]