Minnesota High School Cycling League (MHSCL) Weather Policy

Below are the guidelines for how the MHSCL will conduct races in the event of challenging weather. Our primary consideration is the safety of racers, race support staff, race visitors, and potential damage to the race course site.

Any decisions regarding cancelling, postponing, or altering race start times, lap lengths, number of laps, etc. will be made jointly by the MN League director, the land manager, and the MN League chief referee. Often, this decision cannot be made until the morning of the race due to the unpredictable nature of wet or stormy weather.

The MHSCL will make every attempt to notify the racing population via Twitter, Facebook, and web site updates as soon as possible.

MHSCL Weather Guidelines:

  • Races are held on their scheduled dates unless the race course on the day of the race is deemed un-rideable and dangerous.
  • The MHSCL will have the option to delay the start of a race from the published times if the weather has created dangerous conditions.
  • Courses and/or lap lengths may be altered or shortened because of weather conditions. Last minute changes will be broadcast to racers at the start of each wave via the race announcer. If conditions require a change in number of laps during a race, a person will be stationed at the lap line advising riders of the change.
  • The MHSCL will develop a wet weather course alterations in case of extremely wet conditions that threaten the trails used for the race.
  • All racing will stop immediately in the presence of lightning as signified by the chief referee. Racing may continue once the league director, chief referee, and the head timer have conferred.
  • Re-starting a race that has been stopped due to lightning;
    • depending on schedule and number of laps completed, the race may be declared over
    • if time permits, racers will be able to resume laps beginning from the lap line
  • Communication of delays, changes in start time, courses, and so on will be made by the MHSCL as follows:
    • on the league web site prior to the race day, if possible.
    • on the public address system on the race day.
    • via forms of social media.
  • MHSCL will not refund pre-registration fees due to inclement weather.
  • MHSCL does not allow registration transfers to subsequent races due to inclement weather.



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Teams are awarded points after every League race which count toward the teams’ standings at that individual race and for the overall series. Both girls and boys points count toward that team’s overall score. However, teams need not have boys’ and girls’ points to score for a race. Due to the difference in team size between divisions, Division I teams and Division II teams are scored differently.

For more information about Team and Individual Scoring, please refer to the League Rule Book (PDF) (Section 8: “Team and Individual Scoring Rules”; pp. 26-28).

For more information about the League rules governing teams, please refer to the League Rule Book (PDF) (Section 7: “Team Rules”; pp. 21-25)

Download this document which explains individual and team scoring with examples.    NICA Scoring 101_28Mar16_FINAL-1

Team Classes

Individual Classes

  • Team classes will be awarded team race points
  • Each team class will be awarded  year‐end champion
  • Individual classes will be awarded individual race points
  • Each individual class will be awarded a year-end Champion

High School D1

High School D2

Middle School

Varsity Boys

Varsity Girls

JV3 Boys

JV3 Girls

JV2 Boys

JV2 Girls

Freshman Boys

Freshman Girls

8th Grade Boys

8th Grade Girls

7th Grade Boys

7th Grade Girls

Team Scoring

Individual Scoring

Teams are calculated a score at each race. The sum of these scores will determine the season champion for Division 1 (D1) and Division 2 (D2). Middle school teams are scored used the D2 scoring model.

All student athletes assigned to a team will be eligible to score points for the team at a race.

Division 1 Division 2

A D1 team’s score will be the sum of the 8 highest scoring athlete points, with no more than 6 from a gender. Scoring possibilities for gender  (Boy/Girl):


A D2 team’s score will be the sum of the 4 highest scoring athlete points, with no more than 3 from a gender. Scoring possibilities for gender (Boy/Girl):

  • BGGG
  • BBGG
  • BBBG

Athletes are assigned an individual point total based off their finishing placement in each race. The point matrix can be found in the appendix of this document. A 500 down matrix is used for middle school, freshman and sophomore classes. A 540 down matrix is used for JV. A 575 down matrix is used for varsity. A unique scoring matrix is used for the state championship race.


Team Season Totals

Individual Season Totals

The sum of a team’s totals are used to calculate the season total. Division 1 and Division 2 are scored in separate groups. There are no bonus points or dropped races.

Athletes will have the sum of their races added together, with the lowest race dropped to determine the season champion. If an athlete completes all five races, they will be awarded 25 bonus points. Bonus points are not added into the team score.

Policy Last Updated Spring 2016


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Minnesota High School Cycling League Team Racing Apparel Policy

CORRECT VERSION: White Bear Lake Jersey

COACHES: Please review the following policy before placing an order for your team racing apparel.

MN League initiated a partnership with local bicycle retailers Penn Cycle and Erik’s Bike and Board Shop. In exchange for recognition as “Founding Retailers,” both agreed to provide significant funds as well as mountain bikes for use by student athletes who don’t currently own an appropriate bike.

INCORRECT VERSION: 2013 MN League Jersey

Additionally, both retailers agreed that MN League policy regarding racing apparel worn by student-athletes should be “manufacturer or company neutral,” meaning that no companies, manufacturers, or bicycle retailers, including Penn or Erik’s, can have logo space on team jerseys or shorts. That Penn or Erik’s didn’t insist on having their logos on team jerseys is a gracious gesture on their part and shows their dedication to our MN League.

Jersey or uniforms in varsity sports like hockey, cross country, or baseball don’t have manufacturer’s logos or company names featured. We want student athletes to build pride in their teams by representing their schools or communities, and not be subject to any commercialization of the sport.

The policy of the MN League is to have only area names, high school names, logos, or mascots featured on racing apparel used in MN League races. No company or manufacturers names or logos other than the apparel manufacturer will be allowed on racing apparel used in MN League races. Riders or coaches using racing apparel that violate this policy will be subject to disqualification.


In order to be worn at MN League races, all jerseys designs must be submitted for approval by MN League Director Josh Kleve by emailing the design to joshua@minnesotamtb.org.


  1. The jersey shown (2013 MN League) completely contradicts the MN league policy by showing manufacturer and company logos. Why?
    As a national sponsor, Primal supplies each NICA league with national jerseys modified with the new league's logo to help build awareness about the new league. These national jerseys, shown here, have logos from the manufacturers and companies that support NICA and are similar to jerseys from the CA, WA, TX, and CO leagues. We will be using these jerseys primarily as fundraising tools by supplying them to the high school teams for sale to adults, parents, and mountain bike racers who will not be participating in the high school league races. This way, our new teams can 1) raise funds to purchase custom jerseys per our policy, and 2) use adult riders to advertise our new league as they wear the jersey in races or out on rides. Our goal as we build this MN League is for teams to design and wear racing apparel that reflects our "no manufacturer or company logo" policy.
  2. Will there be an official MN League jersey?
    Yes. Following NICA protocol, MN League will have official league jerseys for sale. These jerseys, made by NICA national sponsor Primal, will feature NICA’s national sponsors. One version of this jersey will be for sale to help raise funds for the MN League. A second version of this jersey will be the “Leaders Jersey” given to the top scorers in each category. See MN League jersey displayed above.
  3. What are some jersey options for teams in the MN League?
    First of all, in bicycle racing, the word “kit” is used to describe the matching jersey and shorts worn by racers. So our racers will have the ability to order custom made “kits” from NICA national sponsor Primal as well as from MN League Gold sponsor Mt. Borah. Second, there are some options available to teams and individual racers. We’ve listed them here:

    • No jersey – jerseys aren’t required, although bike racing jerseys often come with handy pockets in the back for spare tubes, energy bars, etc. You can race in a t-shirt if you want, however, all team members must wear the same color t-shirt. In addition, t-shirts and shorts won in MN League races must meet MN
      League Racing Apparel policy guidelines. You don’t need bike shorts, either, but because they’re heavily padded, we recommend using them. Your local bike shop will have a selection.
    • Team specific jerseys – if you want to go this route, you can order custom-made jerseys or kits (matching jersey and shorts). It would be great if you would work with Primal (Primal Jersey Program), a national NICA sponsor, or with our MN League Gold sponsor Mt. Borah, who can both provide templates for you to design your own jersey and shorts. Mt Borah has a cool video your student athletes might enjoy about how a jersey is made. Plus, you can download an app from Mt Borah on iTunes to design your jersey too!
    • Other Custom Team Kit Options -
      Erik's Bike and Board Shop has put together a custom apparel program for the MN High School League. Program Overview (PDF)
  4. Can student athletes race in t-shirts the teams design instead of custom made jerseys?
    Yes, you can race in t-shirts for this first year to save costs. However, the same policy applies – no manufacturer or company logos on t-shirts or shorts worn during the races.
  5. Ordering team jerseys will cost a few bucks. If we can’t sell logo space to companies or manufacturers, how can we raise funds for the team?
    We’re not against having sponsors – we want to give exposure to your teams sponsors,  just not on racing apparel. Our goal is to mimic the current practices of official high school sports and have apparel worn during the race that features only the school name or mascot. At our races, every team will have a large area within the Pit Zone where a team tent, tools, bikes, coolers, etc. will reside. Within this space, you can display logos on a team tent, or put large placards or banners on display in your team Pit Zone area. You can also display logos prominently on your team web site and in newsletter updates or presentations. You could also sell team t-shirts to be worn at school, in practices, around town, etc., that could display whatever logos you want.
  6. Are there guidelines for using NICA or MN League logos on jerseys, t-shirts, shorts, tents, banners, flags, etc?
    Yes, please refer to the NICA Graphic Standards Guide, Team Graphics regarding color and placement of logos. Keep in mind that our “no company or manufacturer logo” policy on jerseys, t-shirts, or shorts worn in races is a MN League-specific policy not reflected in the NICA Graphic Standards Guide (pdf)

Policy Last Updated June 2014


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League Season & Off Weeks

The Minnesota High School Cycling League will stage 6 regular season races and 1 state champion event for the 2018 season.

Regular League Season: 6 races will be single day events featuring the same middle/high school racing format as utilized in previous seasons.

State championship: This race will be a 2-day event, with pre-ride on Friday and races held on both Saturday and Sunday. As in previous seasons, all teams and racers are invited to participate in the state championship.

Team Racing Season: The racing season for each team will consist of 4 of the 6 regular season races and 1 state champion event. Each team will have an “off” week that is selected by the team prior to the start of the racing season.

Bye Week Selection

“Bye” week selection will be begin as follows:

  • Teams that are fully documented and registered in the pit zone will draw a number at the Coach Summit Meeting.  Based on their drawn number, they will select their preferred 2 bye weeks.  Hosting teams will be automatically registered for “home” events.
  • Teams registering after June 1 will have the “off” race assigned by the League Director to insure race participant balance*.

*The League determines Race Participant Balance, using last year’s actual number of participating racers (not current sign ups) per team as criteria.

  • New teams will be assigned the “bye” race by the League Director.
  • Individual racers will be assigned an “bye” race by the League Director.

Each Team will receive a confirmation of their 4 races and the assigned “off” race week.

The list of teams racing for a given week will be published on the week’s Race Flyer and can be confirmed online if late registering teams affect the list.

The goal of the changes to season structure is to balance race participation to better ensure both a safe and fair race experience. In reflection of that goal:

  • No team or individual will be permitted to participate in their assigned “off” race.
  • “Off” races cannot be changed or traded by individuals or teams once assigned.


Background of ‘Bye’ Weeks

For the past four years, the Minnesota High School Cycling League has grown beyond expectations and even more riders are TMB_7093anticipated for the upcoming 2016 season. The 2015 season was bursting at the seams during some of the races, specifically with the Boys Freshman and Junior Varsity waves. While some other state leagues have begun ‘Two Day Racing’ to support their growth, Minnesota needed a solution that fits our riders, teams, racers’ families and the League.

A volunteer committee consisting of a widely representative cross section of coaches, student athletes and League core staff was created to address the issue. Their mandate was to create a solution that reduced the number of racers in individual waves while respecting the race weekend time commitments of the volunteers and the families of racers.

The committee crafted what we feel is a unique, outstanding solution - that retains both the safety of our student athletes and ensures a quality racing experience, to continue to fulfill our mission of “more kids on bikes”.

The solution? “Bye” Weeks.

  • The League will add races to the schedule as needed (1 additional race in 2016).
  • Each Team will have a “bye” or “Off” Week, holding their regular race schedule to 4 weeks, reducing the number of racers in a given single day race.
  • The State Championship will be held in a two-day race to accommodate all teams/racers.

Call Ups – “Based On Percentile/Race Finish Minus 1**”

**The minus 1 removes the off week in determining placement for call ups

Races 1 & 2 The first race of the year calls ups for all racers will be based on percentile within class in previous years’ races; same as in the previous season. Percentile placement will happen in both race 1 and 2, with an athlete racing for the first time placed by percentile and athletes racing for the second time placed based on race 1 performance.


Races 3-5

& State Championship

Call Ups will be based on previous race finish order with the lowest race finish (off week) dropped.

Leader’s Jersey - “based on race finish minus 1***”

***The minus 1 removes the off week in determining race leader status

Starting with Race 2, the leader’s jersey will be awarded to the racer with the highest finishing order based on race finish order, with the lowest race finish (off week) dropped.

The Future

The goal for the future is that a team’s season will remain 4 races and a state championship.

The Minnesota High School Cycling League will review the number of teams, racers and races annually. The League will add additional league races as needed to ensure a balanced, safe and fair race experience for all.

This structure is scalable to over 2000 racers, so we do not anticipate any further major changes to the season structure in the coming years.

Policy Last Updated Spring 2016


Contact MHSCL Director Joshua Kleve

Middle School Racing

  • The middle school race is on Sunday and has a separate boys wave and a girls wave.
  • The race duration is between 30-45 minutes (typically one lap) and runs on the same course as the high-school student-athletes.
  • Awards will be given for each race and season end awards.
  • The middle school race will not count towards high school team points.
  • Middle school athletes may petition to higher classes with the high school athletes.
  • Middle school athletes start with 7th grade.

Each MN League team makes the choice to have middle school athletes as part of their program. Middle schools may start programs if there is not a high school in the area, or the high school team does not allow middle school athletes.


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