cranksister_logo_webCrank Sisters is a MN High School Cycling League Outreach Program focused on female athletes.

Crank Sisters inspires young women to build confidence and empowerment through off-road cycling.

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Who is a Crank Sister?

  • All girls who participate in the MN High School Cycling League
  • All girls who participate in a Crank Sisters Event (Try It Out Session, Crank Sisters Social event)
  • All women who volunteer for the MN High School Cycling League as coaches, ride leaders or other role.
  • All women who support getting more girls on bikes and are committed to helping increase numbers of girls participating in the MN High School Cycling League!

Crank Sisters Activities

  • Try It Out Sessions
  • Crank Sisters Practices – coaches can request a special Crank Sisters practice for their female athletes.
  • Crank Sisters Pre-Rides and Social
  • Crank Sisters Tent Activities on Race Days
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Too Young for the League?

Do you know a girl who may be interested in mountain biking but is too young to be part of the league?  The Crank Sisters have some suggestions!

  1. Girls of all ages are welcome to come to the races and participate in the Crank Sisters tent activities.
  2. Watching the races and cheering for girls racing is another great activity.
  3. For information on youth programs for student-athletes between 7 and 13, please visit the Little Bellas program.
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What Can You Do To Help?

Spread the word about the MN League to all the girls and women you know.  Tell them about the Crank Sisters Social Spins or Crank Sisters Try It Out Sessions.  Direct them to the Crank Sisters Facebook Page, the MN High School Cycling Facebook Page or to the MN League website.

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cranksisters_april_web2Crank Sisters Try It Out!

Are you. . . .

  • thinking about mountain biking but not sure if it’s your thing or if you can even do it?
  • a beginner rider and would like the hear more about it and ride with other girls?
  • a current rider and want to share your experiences to encourage more girls to join?
  • a current rider and want to bring a friend to show her how great it is?

Well, then the Crank Sisters Try It Out Sessions are perfect for you!

Girls and boys are welcome at any Try It Out Session. However, selected sessions (See the schedule) have Crank Sister open skill sessions for girls only with Experienced Women MTB Bike Racers.

Meet other women riders, go over some basic skills, then take a ride with other girls in a fun, comfortable environment.   Bring your own bike or use one of the demo bikes that will be available provided by the MN High School Cycling League.  Meet in the parking lot.  Look for the MN League tents.

As we have a limited amount of demo bikes, e-mail to ensure there will be a bike available.

Click here to view the full Schedule of Try it Out Sessions!

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Crank Sisters Pre-Ride EventsScreen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.26.52 PM

We will be having a Crank Sisters Pre-Ride and Social Event for the first two races.

Updates to follow in late Summer.

Full Race Details Will be posted in the Race Flyer

Questions or Suggestions? Email Martha Flynn, Crank Sisters Director.

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cranksister_logo_webHow Crank Sisters Started

When the MN High School Cycling League stared in 2012, we noticed right away the majority of student athletes were boys. We wanted to change that. In that next year, 2013, we decided to put a name to our focus and efforts to get more girls on bikes—Crank Sisters.

Crank Sisters is an outreach program. Crank Sisters is activities for prospective and current athletes. Crank Sisters is a movement to change and enhance the experience for girls racing.

We want girls to feel welcome, feel that they belong in mountain biking, that this is their community, it’s a sisterhood.

We want role models for the girls. We want to see women in leadership roles: coaches, assistant coaches, ride leaders, and volunteers.

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