The NICA PITZONE is a web tool used for League Registration and Race Registration (Race Fee Payment).  The PITZONE guides the person registering through completion of the required information.  Online Registration closes Tuesdays at Midnight for that week’s race, in order to prepare rider lists for the upcoming race.

A link to the NICA PITZONE can be found here or at the bottom of any page on this website.

The NICA Pitzone  is the single source of information for the MN League Season about

  • Student Athletes  – including rider demographics, forms, category, number plate assignment, contact and emergency contact, insurance, and health information
  • Coaches – including Coach Demographics, licenses, contact and emergency contact info
  • Teams – including Team Demographics, coach info, rider info, Bye Week Info, and Race Payments

*Be sure to enter information and spell correctly

How can I get access to the NICA PITZONE?

  • New racer with a team?  Your coach will invite you to join.
  • Independent Racer?  After April 1, 2019, Complete and submit this form for access.
  • Are you a New coach for an existing team?  Your head coach will invite you to join.
  • Are you a New Head Coach for New Team?   After April 1, 2019, Complete and submit this form for access.

How do Student Athletes use the NICA PITZONE?

Student Athletes/Parents use the Pit Zone Online registration system for

    • Registering with the NICA and the MN League annually
      • NICA Registration Form
      • MN League Registration Form
      • Code of Conduct Form
      • Health Insurance Form
      • Media Release form
      • Emergency Contact Form
      • NICA League Fee paid
      • Participation Waiver
      • MN League Fee
    • Paying Registration Fees
      • NICA and League fees
      • Race Registration Fees  (pay for all races – or one-at-a-time
Pitzone Registration Notes:
  • It is possible to register multiple student-athletes for a family in one grouping, to make managing riders and payments more convenient.
  • Be sure to enter information and spell correctly
  • A link to the NICA PITZONE can be found at the bottom of any page on this website.
Race Ready:

Completion of all registration paperwork and payment of the race fee qualifies a racer as  ‘Race Ready’.

How do coaches use the NICA PITZONE?

Coaches use the NICA Pit Zone to:

  • Register as a Coach and pay the annual fee
  • Submit documentation for their coach licence
  • Register a Team
  • Create a team roster by adding each athlete using an email address of the student athlete and their parent’s email address.
  • Create a coaches and ride leader roster by adding the coaches or ride leader’s email address.
  • Confirm student athletes have completed the registration forms, including paying fees and completing waivers.
  • Confirm student athletes “race ready” by paying race fees
  • Confirm coaches and ride leaders have completed licensing elements including:
    • Waiver
    • MTB101
    • Wilderness First Aid or equivalent
    • Field Work Hours
    • Continuing Education Hours
    • PDU units
  • View Emergency contact information for riders and coaches/ride leaders

Did You Know?

Mankato State Championship 2015

There is another PITZONE.  The Infield or Race Pitzone at the race venue is the area where teams set up their tents and the registration trailer (onsite race registration),  food trucks, vendors, volunteer checkin, and medical assistance are located..

See Race Infield – Pitzone for more information.