Middle School Racing

  • The middle school races are on Sunday and have separate boys and girls waves by grade.
  • The race duration is between 30-45 minutes (typically one lap) and runs on the same course as the high-school student-athletes.
  • Middle School Individual and Team Awards will be given for each race and season end awards.
  • The middle school race will not count towards high school team points.
  • Middle school athletes may petition to higher classes with the high school athletes.
  • Middle school racers start in 7th grade.
  • Sixth Graders are allowed to practice with their team if active in the NICA PITZONE, but are not allowed to race or petition.

Each MN League team makes the choice to have middle school athletes as part of their program. Middle schools may start programs if there is not a high school in the area, or the high school team does not allow middle school athletes.


Send an email to info@minnesotamtb.org