Pre-Ride is the time period when racers and licensed coaches can ride the race trail before the race starts.

Pre-Ride start and ending times for each race are posted on the race flyer and on the MN League web site. These times may vary by race and trail condition.

Race Core Staff will announce the start the Pre-Ride when the race staff have completed readying the course. Until then, the trail is closed.  The trail closes again when Pre-Ride ends.

Pre-Ride is usually available the afternoon before the race, and early in the morning on race day. The trail is closed to the public on race weekend.

In order to Pre-Ride, you need to meet Race Ready status: Pit Zone information entered, MN League Fee and Race Fee paid, and participation waivers have been submitted (once per season).

Who Can Pre-Ride?

– Only riders who are registered and have Number Plates displayed on their bikes.

  • Temporary Plates are available at the Registration Trailer for those who don’t have access to their Number Plates.
  • If the Number Plate is lost, a replacement plate can be issued for a fee at the Registration Trailer.

– Riders must wear helmets, and use legal bicycle equipment (bar plugs, etc.).

– Registered 6th Grade Riders with 6th Grade Plates

– Registered Coaches with Coach Plates

– We recommend all riders pre-ride the course before their race.

Alt: Preride

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