The Race Infield

The Race Infield or Pitzone is the open space area at the venue used by the teams and race support staff.  Watch for signs to mark these locations and direct people to these areas,

  • There is no spectator/team parking in the infield due to the large number of people, bikes, and equipment.
  • Depending on the venue, there may be limited vehicle access to the infield after hours for drop offs/collection of team gear.

The infield layout at the race venue will change from venue to venue, but will include the following components:

Links below provide more detailed information.

Registration Trailer

Awards Podium

Team Tents

Volunteer Tent

  • Signin/Signout
  • Volunteer equipment issue/recovery
  • Volunteer Location Direction
  • Volunteer Role Instructions

Course Marshal Tent

  • Injury Reporting and Assistance
  • Medical Staff

GRiT Tent (Girls Riding Together)

Start Line

Crossing Locations

Water Station

Race Announcer

Timing/Scoring/Finish Line/Referee

Feed Zone

  • Nutrition Handoff
  • Warm Clothing Handoff/Drop if weather conditions apply

Food Vendors

Technical support (bike help)

Sponsor Tents

Portable bathrooms

Mankato State Championship 2015



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Did You Know?  

There is another PITZONE.   The NICA PitZone is a web tool used to register student-athletes and coaches.