Number Plate/Race Plate/Rider Plate

  • An official Rider Plate is issued to each registered rider, coach, volunteer or core staff member on a bike.
  • During Pre-Ride:  Riders and Coaches must display their plates on their bikes to Pre-Ride the course.
  • During the Race:  Racers, authorized volunteers and Core Staff must display their plates on their bikes to be on the course at any time.
  • The course is closed to all other riders during the Race Weekend.

Number Plate/Race Plate

A Number Plate is issued to each registered student-athlete. The number on the plate is in a number range that represents the Race Category of the rider.  The same Number Plate is used for the entire season.

  • The Number Plate should be attached to the front of the bike at the race venue.
  • The Number Plate should be removed from the bike before transporting the bike to avoid damage to the plate and the timing chip.  The chip may not work if bent.
  • The Number Plate should be reattached to the bike at the next race event.

How does the Number Plate Work?

  • The back of the Number Plate has a timing chip attached, which is read electronically by sensors at the finish line to record the finish time of each racer.  It is important to safeguard the number plate so the chip isn’t damaged.  A damaged chip will not record the racer’s finish.
  • If you have reason to believe the Chip is not working or not recording finish times as expected, the Timing Staff near the Finish Line can test the chip on the back of the number plate if necessary to confirm the chip is working properly. 
  • A common problem is that if a rider is using a new plate, but has another plate in a backpack, the chip reads are problematic.   Any old plate should be turned in at the Registration Trailer when a new plate is issued.

How to get a Number Plate

  • At the beginning of the season the League Staff provides the coach with all the number plates for their team based on PITZONE registrations.  The coach distributes the plates to the team members.
  • The coach and racer should check the back of the plate to confirm that
    • there is a timing chip attached
    • the number plate is distributed to the correct racer
    • the plate number is in the correct range for the rider’s race category.
  • Be sure to follow your team practices regarding safeguarding number plates.  Some coaches collect number plates at the end of a race to safeguard them. It is important the coach redistributes the plates early enough for the riders to attach them to their bikes for Pre-Ride.
  • A rider who completes registration later in the season may pick up their Number Plate at the Registration Trailer in the Race Infield during Registration Hours.

Replacement of a Number Plate

  • When a rider loses or damages a Number Plate, they can request a replacement at the Registration Trailer during Registration Hours. There is a fee to cover the new plate and the timing chip.
  • The process of adding the timing chip to the back of the plate takes a minimum of 30 minutes, so report the lost/damaged plate with plenty of time before the race starts..
  • The rider may request a paper temporary plate to Pre-Ride at the Registration Trailer, but must pick up their replacement with timing chip before their race.

Coach Plates

A coach plate is issued to every licensed coach (PITZONE REGISTERED). Coach Plates, based on PITZONE Coach registrations, are distributed at the beginning of the season with the Number Plates for the riders on the team, If a coach receives their license credentials after the season begins, request a Coach Plate at the Registration Trailer.  The PITZONE may be consulted to assure the licensing criteria is met. The Coach Plate must be displayed on the front of their bike in order to Pre-Ride the course.

6th Grade Plates

A 6th Grade plate is issued to every 6th grade rider who is PITZONE registered.  The Plate must be displayed on the front of their bike in order to pre-ride the course.. 6th Graders are not allowed to ride in a Race Event.

Volunteer Plates

Volunteer Plates are issued to volunteers who are riding Sweep and Roving Course Marshals when they report to the Course Marshal Coordinator. The plate must be displayed on a rider’s bike to ride the course.

Core Staff Plates

Core Staff Plates are issued to permanent Core Staff who are ride the course periodically at the race venue.. The Core Staff plate is displayed on the rider’s bike.