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Description How to Signup?
Coach Newsletter - Monthly but less often in the off-season
- 2nd week of the month
- Communication from Coaching Director
- New Topics
- Upcoming events, articles of interest, announcements
- Coach Specific/Only
 Contact Ray Larson
Single Track Times:  - Monthly (but less often in the off-season)
- 3rd week of the month
- New Topics - Upcoming events, articles of interest, announcements
- Important Announcements
- Blog Items/Human Interest Articles
- League Policies
Contact Ray Larson

Many previous versions are posted on the MN League Website

STT Raceweek Newsletter - 2 weeks before Race Day
- 1 week before Race Day
- Race-related reminders & Updates
- League Policy Reminders
- Rule Reminders

If you receive Single Track Times, you receive this
MN League Emails As Needed
- Urgent Matters,
- Volunteer Needs and Updates
League Participants Only

Depends on Content

Coach Facebook Page

MN HS Cycling League Coaches

 as Needed
 - Announcements, last minute and otherwise
 - Latest updates
 - NICA news
- Must belong to Coach Group (Closed Group)

- Request Membership via FaceBook
- Group Members Can Post


Minnesota High School Cycling League


Adhoc - whenever something comes up  Information about the Minnesota High School Cycling League Public Site

anyone can @mention the League and get in our newsfeed, subject to our approval


NICA GRiT Minnesota


 Adhoc - whenever something comes up  Information about Minnesota Girls Riding Together  Public Site

National Interscholastic Cycling Association


 Adhoc - whenever something comes up  Information from NICA  Public Site


  Adhoc - whenever something comes up  Coming Soon  Public Site


 Frequent additions
Posting of Candid Photos and Videos
 Public Site
Mn League Website


Frequent additions and updates.

This is the source where most of the Minnesota league information is available.

Always a solid source for MN League information


- Who we are, who to contact, values, teams
- Events for the entire year
- Race Flyers for each race (Detailed Race Info), maps, bye-weeks
- Race Results/Photos
- Coaching - CPTs & More
- Sponsors - who they are, how to become one
- Volunteering
- Blog Items and Other Media/Photos
- Pitzone Link

 Send proposed additions/updates to mary@minnesotamtb.org
Pit Zone


Updated as needed The Pit Zone is the best source for

  • Rider Info, Plate Nbr & Category
  • Rider Contact Info
  • Payments
  • Bye Weeks (can't register for a bye week)
  • Team Rosters
  • Coach Info
  • and more!
Coaches and riders must be invited to Sign In to the Pitzone each year.
Volunteer Spot


As Needed Volunteer Spot is the best source for the following

  • Volunteer times/roles for each race
  • Signups for volunteering
  • Volunteer Signup Schedule
Signup by using the link
NICA Website


 As Needed

NICA Mission

Founded in 2009, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (“NICA”) develops interscholastic mountain biking programs for student-athletes across the United States. NICA provides leadership, services and governance for regional leagues to produce quality mountain bike events, and supports every student-athlete in the development of strong body, strong mind and strong character through interscholastic cycling.

 Public Site