What is the rider’s category?

Current Rider Categories are viewable in the Pit Zone.

When student-athletes first register in the PitZone, they are automatically assigned the category applicable to their grade level.

The rider may be moved to a higher level when the Category Placement is produced.  The Category Placement (CPT) lists the category for all student-athletes that raced previous season, based on their past MN League Race Results.  View the 2019 Category Placement (CPT) Here

If you want to petition to a higher category, submit a completed petition form ( found here.) by email to Joshua Kleve (Joshua@minnesotamtb.org). Allow up to two weeks for your petition to be processed.  Petition forms must be completed by the student-athlete, coach and parent.

Petition before August 1st to have the rider name printed on the number plate!   After that, Riders may petition until the Tuesday prior to each race. but will not have names on their category-specific plates.

Report category problems to registration@minnesotamtb.org with the Team Name, Rider Name, correct category, reason,  and your name.