Previously Posted Facebook Coaches Page 8/29/2018


Josh Kleve
Minnesota High School Cycling League Director

Austin, MN – Race #1: The course was set, team tents were in place and the volunteers were ready and willing to help. The horn sounded, and the 2018 season was underway. It looked like it was going to be a great day of racing!  We were able to get a number of races completed, before the weather turned. With reports of two storm cells moving towards the race site, we paused the race to determine if a full race cancelation was necessary.  With reports of lightning strikes, wind speeds increasing rapidly and heavy rain, the race was officially canceled. Thank you to everyone for their swift and calm assistance to close down the race course and the infield before the second cell moved in.

Scoring Summary for the Austin Race:

Since this is the first race of the season, I would like to provide a few reminders regarding scoring:

 Middle School and High School categories are scored separately for team and individual points.

 Each MS and HS racer will drop their lowest score(s) after the season is completed. The number of races dropped will depend on the number of races held in a season.

What will happen with middle school scoring?

Since all middle school racers were able to successfully complete the race, there is no change to middle school. Medals and Leaders’ jerseys will be awarded at Race #2. Awards and leaders’ jerseys may be picked up from the registration trailer during pre-ride or race day. The podium will be setup for photographs at the next two races.
What will happen with high school scoring?

Since we were only able to have the Freshman Boys D1, Freshman Boys D2 and JV2 Boys D1 categories completed, before the storms moved in, individual scores will stand for these categories. Awards and leaders’ jerseys may be picked up from the registration trailer during pre-ride or race day at their next race. The podium will be setup for photographs at the next two races.

For the following categories: Varsity Boys, JV3 Boys, JV2 Boys D2, Varsity Girls, JV3 Girls, JV2 Girls, and Freshman Girls – we will need to drop their scores for Race #1 for the individual scoring. Normally, they would have competed in 5 races and scored 4 races. Now – for all racers in these categories, they will score 3 instead of 4 because we need to give these folks the benefit of the doubt.

Regarding High School team scoring, we will need to drop Race #1 for the High School team scoring. We will move from 5 races to 4 races.

Can we race one of our bye weeks as a makeup race?

Bye weeks were introduced to manage field sizes. They were not intended to be used as rain-out dates. This solution was evaluated, but after reviewing field sizes at all upcoming races, the capacity will not support additional riders or spectators.

Will there be refunds?

The league will be following its weather and refund policy as outlined during each time student-athletes register for a race and on our website. Please review our weather policy on our website.

Why this rain policy makes sense for us:

We are all part of a non-profit club that is supported by dues, sponsors and donations. Race day dues cover only part of the costs. The cost to transport, set, stage and support races are incurred even when a race is cancelled. Revenues from races also support our scholarship fund, coaches training, curriculum development, and outreach programs.


Everyone was disappointed by the race cancellation. If we could offer a way to allow the kids who did not race in Austin, a chance to make up the race, we would.

Unlike many sports, that can easily set-up a course to hold a competition, there are well over 100 hours that go into setting up a mountain bike race course. Making up a mountain bike race, is a lot different than making up a high school baseball game.

The scoring adjustments we have made consider all of our racers, not just the ones who could not race. We will be posting the official results from Race #1 to the MN League website by Wed. Aug. 29, 2018.

Thank you –