Mandatory Process for Submitting Injury Reports

NICA has developed a web-based, user-friendly and very informative electronic incident reporting form.  This form will be used to submit injury reports to NICA starting with the 2018 Season . In addition, this form will be providing data for a safety study being done in cooperation with the University of Utah, NICA, and all of the leagues around the United States.

When to Submit a Report – Based on Injury Definition

injuries that need to be reported include any physical event that occurs during a NICA sanctioned team practice, race, coaches training or camp, that results in physical harm to a participant significant enough to:

  1. Warrant referral to a medical provider; or
  2. Lose time from training or competition; or
  3. Miss school or work.

Who Submits an Injury Report

The Team Director is automatically delegated with this role..  However, this role can be delegated to any other coach on your team. To change your designated reporter, send an email to identifying the coach or person on your team who will be responsible for submitting these reports.

How often do injury reports need to be submitted?   Weekly

  • Starting on Sun. July 8, an injury report should be submitted every week throughout the season.
  • The first report will be for Mon. July 2nd – Sun. July 8th.  Reports should be submitted by Sunday ending each week.
  • An injury report must be submitted even if there are no practices and/or no injuries.  If there are no injuries, state 0 hours and 0 athletes in the report form.
  • The last report of the season is two weeks after the State Championship Race (end of season).


Each Team Director will receive an email each Sunday starting in July as a reminder to submit the injury report. (Note: Since this report is part of a study, it is called “Weekly Exposure Tracking”).  

  • If a Team Director does not receive weekly Sunday emails starting in July, there are two likely scenarios:
  • Your team doesn’t have any active athletes in the Pit Zone OR
  • your email service is moving the emails into your Spam Folder (a quick search for an email from Safety Study should fix this).
  • If your Team Director has looked into these scenarios and they are still not receiving weekly emails, contact

Where do I Find the Injury Report Form?

Click this link to start and use the Injury Report Form (updated 2018) here: Injury Report.

The form from the 2017 Season is no Longer accepted.

Where can I View the Data?

The compiled data from across the League can be viewed here.

Incident Reports Supply Data for the NICA Safety Study

As part of this new injury reporting process, the data compiled will the basis for the NICA Safety Study.  NICA has partnered with sports medicine physicians around the country and the University of Utah to begin a high school mountain bike injury-tracking program called the “NICA Safety Study.” Our goal is to better understand what injuries our student-athletes sustain. As we track injuries and analyze their patterns, we hope to institute preventative measures to make training and racing safer.  

With each team submitting weekly injury reports, the data and subsequent analysis will help make NICA safer for student-athletes and coaches. This injury report (exposure report) tracks how many athletes are riding in comparison to athlete injuries. This data is extremely useful for improving NICA programs and comparing NICA injury rates with other school sports.

To learn More about the Safety Study 

Visit:  NICA Safety Study

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